Monday, April 16, 2012

Kelcy Lee

Ok here it is. One Hit Wonder week. I want to know if you think she is a one hit wonder or is she going to make it! Leave a comment to let me know you opinion of Kelcy Lee.

This song is called "Hard To Be A Girl". Kelcy Lee is barely 18, but worked hard enough to graduate from high school at barely 16 so she could make the move to Music City from Pahrump, Nevada, a small desert town between Las Vegas and Death Valley. Kelcy also plays guitar and writes songs, and Kelcy is learning the co-writing ropes with a Nashville favorite, singer/songwriter Bill DiLuigi, who took her under his wing after she cut one of his songs while still living in Nevada. She has managed to get some airplay in both Nevada and Tennessee. (Source)

She also shot a music video for “Hard to Be a Girl,” a humorous look at the trials and tribulations of a teenage girl with an overprotective father trying to find a boyfriend. This song is one of her co-writes with DiLuigi, and the video, which can be seen on YouTube, was clearly shot in her desert home of Nevada. She’s currently planning to record an album soon and is planning for the entire album to be her own original material. DiLuigi predicts a bright future for the teenager: “She’s really got something different. She’s very focused and she knows who she is.”(Source)

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