Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Zac Brown Band - Keep Me In Mind

This song has been stuck in my head lately. I took it as a sign it needed to be on the blog. So I hope you like "Keep Me In Mind" by the Zac Brown Band. Zac Brown Band is an American country music band based in Atlanta, Georgia. They have recorded four studio albums, and charted eight Number One singles on the Billboard country charts: "Chicken Fried", "Toes", "Highway 20 Ride", "Free", "As She's Walking Away", "Colder Weather", "Knee Deep" and "Keep Me In Mind", in addition to the single "Whatever It Is," which peaked at number 2 on the same chart. (Source)

After an eventful year on the charts and on the road, GRAMMY-Award winning Zac Brown Band has proven that “overnight success” can be years in the making. New fans drawn by the irresistible hit singles, the awe-inspiring musicianship and dynamic live shows might have thought the Zac Brown Band emerged from nowhere. In fact, the band has paid its dues for years and put in its time for just this moment. It may have happened quickly, but it’s definitely built to last. (Source)

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