Saturday, September 19, 2015

Bro Country

There is lots of talk lately about the recent trend in country music called bro country. Bro-country is a style of mainstream country music originating in the second decade of the 21st century. It is a general term for styles of country music taking influence from 21st-century hip hop, rock, pop and electronic music. (Source)

Now there are many ways in which people are pointing fingers as to who "Bro Country" originated with. My opinion is it all started with these guys.... 

Florida Georgia Line (FGL). They first hit the country world in 2012 with the song above, "Cruise".  FGL was nominated and won several awards in 2013. From what I have noticed since then, more and more groups are popping up with a similar sound. Surprisingly, I am not alone to name these guys as the originators of the "Bro Country" sub genre. Jody Rosen of New York Magazine first used the term "Bro Country" to describe FGL and their break through song "Cruise". Since then artists such as Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean have also delved into this sub genre. (Source)

So what is your opinion of "Bro Country"? For me, I feel that they are a sub genre of country music that is just flowing with the way mainstream media and other nuances of this generation are headed. I certainly enjoy a bro country song here and there. But I definitely prefer the classics. I guess you could say I am getting old...

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