Monday, February 13, 2012

Daddy Daughter Date, Just Fishin'

Ok girls I know you all at some point in time had a daddy daughter date with your dad. How many of you went fishing or hunting? I did! This song is really cute and made me wonder if that is what all dads thought through the frustration of taking his girls fishing or hunting. Especially when the girls weren't very good at it. I hope you take a trip down memory lane and remember your daddy daughter moments no matter what they were!


  1. This is awesome Charley! This will be Taylor and I for many years to come. Almost makes me want to cry just a little. ;)

  2. Cute Charley! Ben won't get much time to fish because he will be baiting both of our hooks. I love to reel them in but I won't take them off of the hook! ;)