Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Taylor Swift

So I know I have had a lot of questions lately. I hear mixed reviews of T. Swift all the time. So leave a comment good or bad about what you think of Taylor.

More info on Taylor can be found here.


  1. I have mixed feelings on Taytay. She's got talent I will admit, she writes all her own songs which most artists don't these days. I do wish she could sing songs with a wider range and didn't sound so much alike. She is a good role model and from what I've seen on shows and such she seems like she is a genuine person that really loves her career and those around her. Mostly I'm glad I'm not a guy that has ever dated her :) haha.

  2. i am kind of obsessed with taylor swift. i don't think she has the most beautiful voice in the world, but i think she is a beautiful person. her music is fun, and you can tell that she is sincere. also. she dresses better than anyone. ever.

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